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Desktop (offline) screen disappeared Tue Jun 08, 2010 09:00 PM Quote

Since I've had myibay, I've been using the desktop screen (instead of this one which I don't like), because I could bring it up in a smaller size where it lays over the top of the item screen and I can still see the item number without changing screens or writing the number down. I don't use the "import from watching" option because I commonly have many more items on that screen than I actually bid on, and it wants to import all of the items on my list.

My problem is... I "enlarged" the offline screen one time by mistake and now it always loads to the large size screen and I want the small screen back. I tried to fix it today so it would go back to the smaller size I like by clicking "open to" tool bar (on bottom), but now I can't get this offline screen to come up at all so I can change it back! Now what do I to get my offline screen back?

I had to use this web screen to write this, and like I said I very much dislike this online screen for placing my bids, deleting, adding, etc. Please HELP!

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 Tue Jun 08, 2010 09:59 PM Quote
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If I understood you correctly you maximized the Window and closed it so it saved the new size.

If you want to make the size smaller, you just need to start the application again and double-click on the title bar (usually has blue color in most Windows color schemes) to make it back resizable. Then close the Window so it will save the new size.

I'm not sure what you did by "open to" tool bar on the bottom. If you removed the shortcut, then a simple reinstallation should fix it.

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