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1. What is eBay?
2. What is eBay sniper?
3. What is an auction number?
4. Is sniping legal?
5. What kinds of snipers exist?
6. Why snipe?
7. What is a "bidding war"?
8. What is a "proxy bidding"?
9. Will sniping guarantee winning?
10. Is sniping for everyone?

Sniping with myibay.com
1. Ok, I'm ready! How to use sniping on myibay.com?
2. Can I snipe more than one auction?
3. When my snipe will be placed?
4. How to cancel my snipe?
5. What's the latest I can put my bid for snipe?
6. What's the latest I can cancel my snipe?
7. Current bid is $10.00, my snipe at $30.00. What will happen?
8. Do you have a software to manage it?
9. Do you have a browser plugin for sniping?
10. What is the time zone of myibay.com?
11. What about Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch?
12. How does it work with "Buy It Now" auctions?
13. Why "current bid" is not current?
14. My snipe was slightly higher, but I lost. Why?
myibay.com Features
1. What is Myibidder.com?
2. How reliable is your website?
3. Does it support countries besides US?
4. What do I need to install to use myibay.com?
5. Is it Mac or PC compatible?
6. Why do you need my eBay password?
7. Is your website secure? Do you have SSL?
8. How to decide how much to bid?
9. Do I have to keep my computer online to place a bid?
10. What is Group feature?
11. How to use Groups?
12. Any requirements for Group bidding?
13. How much does it cost?
14. How do I register?
Sniping with myibay stand-alone software
1. Do you have stand-alone software for sniping?
2. Do you have Windows or Mac version?
3. What are the requirements for this software?
4. How to snipe with myibay software?
5. How to use Groups in stand-alone software?
6. Do I have to keep my computer online to bid?
7. What is "Quick Login" option?
8. What if I changed my eBay password?
9. Any limitations for this software tool?
10. I'm getting error code 5 when trying to update
11. Can you add some specific feature for me?