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How does someone beat my Snipe with the same price? Tue Jul 08, 2014 08:18 PM Quote
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I just lost on a Samsung Galaxy note, and how I lost is a little suspicious.
On the history for the bids I see the following:

Bidder Bid Amount Bid Time
w***g US $200.00 Jul-08-14 11:43:23 PDT
w***g US $200.00 Jul-08-14 11:42:29 PDT
me US $200.00 Jul-08-14 12:45:24 PDT
s***u US $195.00 Jul-08-14 12:45:20 PDT
1***1 US $185.00 Jul-08-14 12:44:58 PDT
1***1 US $180.00 Jul-08-14 12:44:21 PDT
1***1 US $175.00 Jul-08-14 12:43:48 PDT
s***u US $170.00 Jul-08-14 11:38:40 PDT

So how in the Hell did W***G manage to get a bid in at the same amount I'm at, but after my bid yet time stamped for before my bid? Maybe it's just my internet paranoia, but this reeks of something funky.

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 Tue Jul 08, 2014 08:30 PM Quote
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Buyers are often bid in even values, so seeing 200.00 is pretty normal.
There is no way w***g knew your snipe amount because it was not even submitted by that time.

If there are two bids come with same amount, the earliest bid wins. That's how eBay works.

That means, if you would bid at least 200.01, you would win. That's why I suggest to add a few cents more over your maximum to cover situations like this.

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