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General Support for Myibidder service
Comments, Suggestions and Ideas
Donations Thu Dec 03, 2020 08:00 PM Quote
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I love the service and would love to donate. I suggest you sign up for Patreon ... I have several services that I donate $1 or $2 every single month. Sure, a "one time" donation of $10 is nice, but if just 1,000 people signed up for monthly donations, I'd think that $1000/month of steady income would be preferable (and yes, I'm sure Patreon takes a cut).

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 Thu Dec 03, 2020 08:50 PM Quote
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Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

From what I've heard about Patreon, it's more inclined for individuals like artists, bloggers and such.
The closest option they have is a local business which Myibidder is not.

I'm wondering why you think Patreon will make a difference?
I have almost zero experience with them, so you may have some additional info. I'd be happy to hear it from you based on your experience.

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