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What is Myibidder Bid Sniper for eBay? Bid Sniper Privacy Info (originally is a Free auction bid sniper and management service for eBay.

It helps you to snipe, manage and track your auctions in order to keep your bid interest in secret and prevent shill bidding while tracking your won items.
The service is free, based on donations.
You have to use your own eBay account only with this service. Your eBay username and password will NOT be shared with anyone and are used to place automatic bids on your behalf only.
All transactions are protected using secured communications.
Sign up for eBay if you don't have your account.
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Yahoo! mail not supported01 Jan, 2012
Unfortunately, we can not support Yahoo! mail anymore. Their services keep blocking our e-mails (including support) despites their confirmation to allow it.
It's highly recommended to switch from Yahoo! mail to a normal and stable e-mail provider, like Gmail.
You can thank us later :-)

The "" is now official04 Mar, 2011
We will transition our name to Myibidder in the coming days. No not need to do anything on your side except updating your bookmarks when completed.
The name change will be done to avoid a possible confusion with eBay trademarks (Myibay/Mybidder service is not a subsidiary of eBay, Inc.)
Welcome to forums if you want to discuss.

Android beta testers24 Aug, 2014
Android app is expected to have some big changes. If you want to participate in the Beta testing, please join the group

Change your eBay password22 May, 2014
Recently eBay announced that they recommend to change your eBay password.
Please go to eBay website and update or change your password. The simplest way is to do "Reset Password" on the login page.
Once completed, please don't forget to re-login to the sniper using your current login information to keep it in sync.

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