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What is Myibidder Bid Sniper for eBay? Bid Sniper Privacy Info (originally is a Free auction bid sniper and management service for eBay.

It helps you to snipe, manage and track your auctions in order to keep your bid interest in secret and prevent shill bidding while tracking your won items.
The Web service is free, based on donations.
You have to create your own account to use this service. Click here to create one.
All transactions are protected using secured communications.
If you don't have en eBay account, create one.

By using this system you must agree to our terms.
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Free Web Based Auction bid sniper Windows Based Myibidder client
Your login14 Sep, 2017
Now your sniper's login is separate from your eBay login.
Please set your email and link your eBay account in your "Profile" section.
Please feel free to contact support and provide your username if any issues.

Verizon blocks emails05 Jul, 2015
It appears that Verizon does not know how to deal with spam properly so they just blocked all IP addresses they don''t know. This way all Myibidder emails (including support) to Verizon customers are being blocked. There were several attempts to contact Verizon support, but all of them were ignored and silently dropped.
It's highly recommended to switch to something better (like or similar) if you expect to receive your response from support tickets.

Android beta testers24 Aug, 2014
Android app is expected to have some big changes. If you want to participate in the Beta testing, please join the group

Change your eBay password22 May, 2014
Recently eBay announced that they recommend to change your eBay password.
Please go to eBay website and update or change your password. The simplest way is to do "Reset Password" on the login page.
Once completed, please don't forget to relink your eBay account with the sniper to keep it in sync.

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