Instructions on how to install simple toolbar icon for MS IE and other browsers
1. You have to make sure that links toolbar is enabled in your browser.
Click "View" -> "Toolbars" and make sure that "Links" has a checkmark next to it.
If not then click on it to enable.
2. Most of the time "Links" bar appears on the right side of your browser's toolbars:

In this case you have to move it down.
Uncheck "View" -> "Toolbars" -> "Lock the Toolbars" (if checkmark is not here then you don't need to do anything in this step)
3. Then just drag it down:

You should get it like this:

4. a) Now you can try to drag this link to the empty space next to "Links":
Snipe it
b) or if you can't do it then you can save the following file directly to your PC.
Right-click on the following link and choose "Save Target As..." in the menu:
myibay bid.url
then save it in the following folder (good for Windows 2000/XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Favorites\Links
where <user> is your username/logon used to login into Windows.
4. After installation is done you will see "Snipe it" link on your Links toolbar.
In order to use you have to click on it when you have a page with eBay auction you want to snipe on.